Detroit: Become Human Review

Get some information on the Detroit: Become Human Review, from what I can gather from several reviews online. That’s where the hype comes in, is it true? The review is talking about a video game series that was released and produced by a smaller company known as Rockstar North. From what I can gather it sounds to me like this game was created out of necessity and not being able to offer games from Rockstar North that was up to par with other publishers.

I know Detroit: Become Human Review had nothing but good things to say about the Detroit series and it is nothing but praise for the overall Detroit series. I can say without a doubt that these are only my own opinions so take them with a grain of salt. All I can say is that the Detroit: Become Human Review gave a glowing review and called it one of the best action games ever.

In this Detroit: Become Human Review the reviewer was writing to share his experiences and wants for the game. These reviews are written by people like you and me. After doing my research and reading what has been said about this game there seems to be no disappointment and actually quite a bit of excitement with Detroit: Become Human. I think what is so great about the reviews is that everyone seems to agree that this is a great game. Now, the problem with having so many people say a great game is with Detroit: Become Human isn’t that it is too hard, but rather it just doesn’t appeal to the masses and that people don’t have enough fun with the game and only are good at getting through the story.

Now what really caused me to become upset is how everything was being looked at from a platform of making the game harder so you can have more points and achievements. So after reading the review I came to the conclusion that if you wanted to make a game harder then the reviewer’s solution would be to make the game even more frustrating than it already is.

You see, this is what is wrong with gaming today; there is no way to make games less enjoyable than they currently are. I believe we should be able to feel the fun, the adrenaline, the challenge, the intrigue and the pressure of playing a game. But if that is not the case, then the gamers are missing out on something. This game is not difficult, which is why Detroit: Become Human Review made the reviews even more exciting.

Now, that is not to say that the game is even average and if you get a hold of the game you will find it to be anything but. This game is the most fun you can have playing a game. The controls are very responsive and the entire experience is so smooth that you could spend days in this game. The graphics are good, the sound is good, the game play is amazing and is one of the best games of its type I have ever played.

There is no way to make this game any more fun or challenging. The amount of things you can do, the driving capabilities, the weapons you can pick, the upgrades, the levels and even the story line all adds up to make this game one of the best games of its kind in the world. It is truly an awesome game, one of the best I have ever played and is definitely something you should consider buying.

My thoughts about the Detroit: Become Human Review? I am quite sure the reviewers will agree that this game is one of the best games on the market and surpasses most of the other games that have come before it. But there are plenty of reviews about this game as well, so read them all and see what you think.

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