Nice Good Friday Images 2020

Nice Good Friday Images
Nice Good Friday Images 2020
Nice Good Friday Images  2020             


Good Friday is an annual celebration held during the holy week. The holy week, as the name implies, is a week-long celebration and commemoration of the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity. Events of the holy week start during the Palm Sunday and followed by the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and the Easter Sunday. If you are a Catholic or Christian or any other related religion, then you may be starting to plan how you will be celebrating your Good Friday. The upcoming one will be on Friday, April 14 2020 next year. But to start, let us first find out why such a day is celebrated.

What is Good Friday?

As stated earlier, good Friday is a part of the holy week which commemorates the sacrifices the lord Jesus Christ has made just to save us humankinds and give us eternal life. During good Friday, different kinds of activities and events are held in order to do the commemoration. Masses are held on the local churches with the community invited to attend them. There are also passion plays being held to portray the journey of Christ to crucifixion. Stations of the Cross are also being portrayed both at the passion plays and at the churches, plus some other religious places. Other various traditions are also held, and such traditions differ in different countries.

Now that you know what Good Friday is, it is now the time for us to discuss why you should celebrate it. Below are the reasons why you should celebrate Good Friday.

You are a Christian or a Catholic

First and foremost, if you are a Christian or a Catholic, then you should not even be wondering why you should celebrate Good Friday. Celebrating this day plus the other days of the holy week is a part of your religion. You may have grown up commemorating the sacrifices of the lord Jesus Christ each year since you were still a kid. Thus, if you are a Christian or a Catholic, you should really be celebrating good Friday.

In addition, apart from Christianity and Catholicism, you should also celebrate good Friday if you are a Byzantine or a Protestant. However, several traditions might differ from those of the Catholics and Christians.      The Cross is Central to Catholicism and Christianity

A major part of good Friday celebration is the cross. The Stations of the Cross itself portray how Jesus carried the cross with him and how he was crucified in it. As a Catholic or Christian, whenever you do your prayers, you do the sign of the cross. Now, during Good Friday, you will be doing a lot of it especially in your prayers, including the 3:00 pm mass. As a respect and as a part of your religion, you should celebrate good Friday to commemorate such cross and why you value it and know why is it a major part of your religion.

It is a Prerequisite to Easter Sunday

Not a lot of people admit to this but several Christians and Catholics only celebrate the last day of the holy week which is the Ester Sunday where everyone rejoices for the rebirth of Jesus Christ and his ascension to heaven. Now, it would really be very upsetting if you only celebrate Easter Sunday and the joy that comes along with it but does not commemorate the sacrifices that Jesus Christ has made for you during good Friday. Thus, as a major sign of respect and thanksgiving, you should really celebrate Good Friday before celebrating Easter Sunday. Little bits of things will do like sending good Friday greetings to your friends or reflecting the death of Jesus Christ the whole day.

Good Friday is Not a Sad Funeral Event

Now, you may think that good Friday is about sadness and that it is a day full of grief and tears. However, you are actually thinking wrong. Such sad emotions are just brought up by the fact that good Friday is about commemorating the sacrifice of the lord Jesus Christ to save the humankind and give them eternal life. It is the major point of celebrating good Friday. The tears, the sadness, and the grief are just a part of it. You will most likely feel such emotions if you reflect enough on what Jesus has done for you, for your friends, for your family, and for all the people living in this planet. So make sure t celebrate good Friday not just be sending Good Friday SMS to your contacts but also by reflecting about the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Songs of Good Friday are Deeply Moving

Good Friday is also celebrated with good songs that commemorate the sacrifices of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such songs are deeply moving. They can stir up your emotions and bring forth your innate emotions. You will surely feel the love of God and Jesus Christ and how they both made sacrifices just to give you an eternal life. You will be moved in so many ways. Thus, celebrate easter good Friday with such great songs to sing or play.

Nice Good Friday Images
     Nice Good Friday Images

Good Friday Lets You Reflect and Recollect

With all the relaxing activities done on the day of Good Friday, you will be able to reflect and recollect yourself. You will be able to think about the sacrificed made by the Lord Jesus Christ and how he died on the cross as the nails drove into his hands just to cleanse you from his sins. You will be able to reflect on such things, pray for forgiveness for your sins, and recollect yourself to become a much better person. You may want to share such things to your friends and family members by sending them some nice good Friday quotes that will also make them reflect on their personalities and how should they change themselves as a better person for the sake of Jesus Christ who also saved them and gave them eternal life.

Good Friday is a Unique Day Packed with Some Unique Celebratory Events

Another good reason to celebrate good Friday is that it is a unique day packed with some unique celebratory events. The common traditions done on Good Friday are as unique as the other celebratory events held on the other days of the holy week, namely Maundy Thursday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday. The celebratory events will let you know more about what really happened to Christ through the different passion plays as well as the historic and symbolic Stations of the Cross. Thus, you should really celebrate all Good Fridays you will encounter, especially the next one which is on Friday, April 14 2020 next year.

Good Friday is Not Superstitious

Some of you may think that Good Friday is a superstitious event done with superstitious beliefs. You are wrong. Good Friday is celebrated because the events portrayed in it actually happened precisely on a Friday wherein Jesus sacrificed himself to save humanity and died on the cross at exactly 3:00 pm. Though the dates of good Friday each year may differ, ranging from March to April due to the differences in the Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar, the events really did happen with reference to the Paschal Full Moon. Thus if you think that you should not celebrate Good Friday because it is only superstitious, then you are wrong. So make sure to save the good Friday 2020 date for your good Friday celebration.

Good Friday Happens Only Once a Year

Another reason why you should celebrate good Friday is that it happens only once a year. Like Christmas day and New Year, good Friday is also a good one day celebration. And this time, what you celebrate is the commemoration of the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ.

With the above reasons in mind, you should now have plenty of reasons why you should celebrate good Friday. Send out Good Friday images and letters to your loved ones and friends. Attend passion plays and eat hot cross buns and tea. Attend the mass at 3:00 pm with your Catholic or Christian community. Go through, understand, and internalize all the fourteen Stations of the Cross. Reflect on the death of Jesus Christ and spread the good words to your family and friends.

There are just a lot of things to do on Good Friday, especially on the upcoming Friday, April 14 next year. But remember, apart from the joy of the Easter Sunday, including the Easter egg hunt events, it is also important to commemorate the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ to save the humankind including yourself, your family, your friends, and all other people living here on this planet. So you better make sure to save the date for next year’s holy week, particularly the good Friday date so that you will be able to make all necessary preparations and plans for the activities and events that you will attend to and hold for the holy Friday.

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